About PIJ Malawi

Empowering Truth and Democracy through Investigative Journalism

Established in 2019, the Platform for Investigative Journalism (PIJ-Malawi) stands at the forefront of investigative journalism in Malawi. Born out of a need to bridge significant gaps in the investigative journalism genre within the local media landscape, PIJ-Malawi has quickly become a pivotal force in shaping transparent and accountable reporting. As a registered Media Non-Governmental Organization under the Companies Act, PIJ-Malawi is more than just a media entity. It is a beacon of truth, consistently unearthing stories that demand attention and action. By holding power to account, PIJ-Malawi not only promotes the principles of investigative journalism but also plays a crucial role in lighting the path for democracy in Malawi. Our mission is twofold: to dig deep into the core of crucial stories and create impactful investigative reports that inform and lead to meaningful change. In doing so, PIJ-Malawi remains steadfast in its commitment to demand transparency and accountability from those in power. Join us in our journey as we continue to delve into the truth and light the way for a more democratic Malawi.

Digging Truth. Lighting Democracy.

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