PIJ Malawi Motivation

Revitalizing Investigative Journalism in a Changing Media Landscape

PIJ Malawi’s inception is deeply rooted in Malawi’s historical context, where a tightly controlled media environment under government influence hindered the growth of independent journalism. From 1964 until 1994, during a period of single-party governance, there was a stark absence of media-related education in Malawi. This scenario began to shift with the transition to a multi-party system in 1994. The establishment of the Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) and the media faculty at the University of Malawi marked the beginning of formal media training, signalling a new era for the country’s media landscape.

Despite these advancements, the evolution of media in Malawi has faced significant challenges. The early promise of a media capable of holding duty-bearers accountable has been eroded. Investigative journalism, in particular, has suffered, increasingly influenced and compromised by political and corporate powers.

This decline is evident in the quality of journalism being practised. There is a noticeable lack of depth and rigour in reporting, pointing to a need for enhanced skills in investigative journalism techniques, story processing, and packaging.

In response to these challenges, PIJ Malawi was established with a clear purpose: to address these gaps and foster the development of investigative journalism. The organization aims to uphold journalistic credibility, integrity, objectivity, fairness, accuracy, and professional values, which have been compromised by the country’s political and corporate influences.

Despite the presence of investigative journalism desks in significant media outlets, the impact of investigative reporting remains limited, often stifled by overarching controls from political and corporate entities. PIJ Malawi seeks to counter this trend, offering a beacon of hope for a civic-minded media that had become nearly non-existent.

Our commitment is to a future where investigative journalism is not compromised. We provide a platform and serve as role models for emerging journalists, equipping them to become serious, credible professionals capable of holding duty-bearers accountable. PIJ Malawi is not just an organization; it’s a movement to reinvigorate investigative journalism in Malawi.

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