Technical Assistance and Grants

Recognizing the challenges investigative journalists and media organizations face in pursuing complex stories, we provide technical assistance and small grants. These resources are aimed at supporting in-depth investigative projects that can have a substantial impact on society. Through these initiatives, PIJ-Malawi is building a skilled workforce of investigative journalists and strengthening the foundations of a free, fair, and informed societ

On-the-Job Training

Hands-on experience is invaluable, and at PIJ-Malawi, we provide on-the-job training to help budding journalists learn in a real-world setting. This training is crucial in assisting them to understand the nuances and demands of investigative journalism.


We offer fellowships to promising journalists, allowing them to work on significant investigative projects. These fellowships provide practical experience and the mentorship necessary to refine their investigative skills.

Exchange Programmes

Understanding the value of diverse perspectives, PIJ-Malawi facilitates exchange programmes. These programmes provide participants a unique opportunity to learn from different media cultures and practices, enriching their reporting skills

Training Seminars

We offer a series of expert-led training seminars that cover various aspects of investigative journalism. These seminars are tailored to impart the latest techniques and ethical considerations necessary for effective investigative reporting

Empowering the Next Generation of Investigative Journalists

At the Platform for Investigative Journalism (PIJ-Malawi), we’re committed to nurturing the growth and development of young and aspiring investigative journalists. Our comprehensive range of activities is designed to provide them with the tools, skills, and opportunities they need to excel in this challenging field

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