Editorial Partnership

PIJ has arranged with several journalists and entered into an editorial partnership. These journalists will embark on some investigative story projects and some of the media partner members for this purpose include the following.

SUZGO CHITETE – is an award-winning journalist with over 10 years’ experience in both broadcast and print media. He is current news analyst for the Nation Publications. He holds a BA in Communication and Cultural Studies from Chancellor College-University of Malawi and a Diploma and Certificate in Journalism from the Malawi Institute of Journalism. He previously worked as a senior reporter for the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) and as a field producer, correspondent and fixer for Al Jazeera and BBC. Chitete is part of the team that has published a book for Amnesty International “Out of the Shadows” which is an adaptation from an investigative story done by Aljazeera on attacks against people with albinism in Malawi. Suzgo worked as a field producer and the book is currently used as Amnesty International’s resource material. Some of his work include – an informative TV documentary on the plight of people born as intersex in Malawi – which is currently used as an advocacy tool for human rights campaigners.


REBECCA CHIMJEKA – is an award winning and very versatile investigative journalist, one who has broken so many high profile stories in Malawi. She works for the Times Group which is a huge media company in Malawi. The latest story to her credit was what’s now known as the “K4 billion government payout to members of Parliament”. The story revealed that the government had set aside K4 billion to give to about 86 MPs as a ‘thank you’ for helping government frustrate electoral reforms in Parliament in December 2017. This revelation has led to calls by civil society organizations in Malawi to demand that the Minister of Finance and Minister of Local Government resign. There will be nationwide demonstrations on April 27 to demand answers on this decision. Rebecca is also a member of many Association including of Investigative Journalists in the Southern Africa.