PIJ Goal

PIJ- Malawi guarantees a non-compromised future for investigative journalism. Graduating journalism practitioners now have a platform and role models that can help them grow into serious and credible investigative journalists that can hold power to account by producing impactful investigative stories. PIJ seeks to lead best practices, and standards of investigative journalism reporting that helps to promote accountability and transparency through exposing corruption and various wrongdoings. It seeks to promote and uphold the public’s right to know through training and mentoring programme of media practitioners in Malawi. It will also collaborate with other investigative journalists or investigative journalism organisations in Malawi and across the globe as well as provide technical assistance and small grants to investigative journalists/ media organisations.

The project will also promote and build capacity in investigative skills to young aspiring journalists through training seminars, exchange programmes, fellowships and on the job training. It will also campaign and advocate for the information rights of investigative journalists and stimulate review of media unfriendly laws; create a platform of sharing ideas, experiences among investigative journalists as a way of increasing interaction and will act as a resource institution for Investigative journalism practice in Malawi.