... Deputy Headmaster Goes Into Hiding Amid Homosexuality Allegations


Kamuzu Academy, renowned as Africa's Eton in the bush, is in the throes of a scandal that threatens to unravel its prestigious reputation. The esteemed institution, known for its rigorous academic standards and cultivated image, now faces a crisis as its deputy headteacher, Andrew Hubbard, has gone into hiding following severe allegations.

Claims from five individuals, including three minors, accuse Hubbard of enticing them into homosexual acts, casting a dark shadow over the highly-priced Kasungu institution.

At the heart of this storm lies Hubbard's alleged inappropriate involvement with junior staff members and minors within the Kamuzu Academy (KA) community.

The specifics of these allegations are both shocking and deeply troubling. Although no evidence directly links him to KA students, the possibility remains a subject of speculation and concern. “That we don't know yet but cannot rule it out,” an anonymous source at KA confided to the Platform for Investigative Journalism (PIJ).

The accusations are grave: Hubbard, who has been on the run since a hearing conducted two weeks ago, is alleged to have engaged in homosexual activities with three boys from Mtunthama Primary School, which neighbours the academy.

Additionally, two KA support staff members have come forward, claiming they were coerced into sexual acts under the promise of employment and promotions.

Another source, who is close to the investigations, confirmed the issue to PIJ. 

“It is true that he [Hubbard] has been dismissed on charges of coaxing two boys into homosexual relationships. One boy he employed as a special needs teacher and another as a cook at the school cafeteria. To both he told them to have homosexual relationship as a way of showing their gratitude to him. The guardians of these two boys are teachers at the academy and they are the ones who reported him after their wards complained to them.” 

The minors, all under the age of 18, alleged they were given money in exchange for sexual favours. These revelations have sent shockwaves through the institution and the wider community.

“He is currently on the run as law enforcement agents are looking for him to answer allegations of homosexuality with children,” said the source.

Hubbard is on the run

PIJ called Hubbard on Tuesday morning, who answered the call before cutting the line when we introduced the subject.

KA headmaster Lambert Knott was more interested in finding out the source of our intel than in responding to our questions.

“The information is not entirely true. But I would like to know where you are getting this information from,” he said. He cut the line when we refused to divulge our source.

But he called later to say that his official answer to our inquiry was ‘no comment’.

The highly-priced institution’s human resource manager Alinane M’manga told PIJ that he is not aware of the issue, even when pressed to say whether Hubbard had been reporting for work in the past two weeks.

“I am not aware of anything. I am not sure if he is reporting for work because I haven’t been told by management or the board,” he said.

PIJ called a KA staff member who confirmed that Hubbard has been missing for two weeks now.

“Management and board are fully aware but trying to play it safe for fear of ruining the Ngwazi's school reputation,” he said.

He added that no one can tell how long Hubbard’s shenanigans have been going on.

“We cannot tell but he has been here since 2019,” he said.

According to the source, Hubbard was summoned to a hearing two weeks ago before his disappearance.

“It was sort of a hearing but we do not know what transpired because soon after that, Hubbard went missing. So, the suspicion is that management is shielding him,” he said.

On Tuesday morning, PIJ tried to contact Dr. Patrick Chirwa, the board member who was involved in the investigation and chaired the hearing but we were constantly told by his assistant that he had a busy schedule and referred us back to the headteacher.

On his part, chairman of the Parents Teachers Association Wanangwa Mbereka told PIJ that he has not heard about the issue. 

“Should it be true, then I applaud the school management and the board for acting in the manner reported, because such a person would be a danger to the boys around him. I will consult the headmaster to establish the truth about this matter. As parents, this is a matter of greatest concern and worry.”

Kasungu Police spokesman Joseph Kachiko told PIJ that we have not received any report regarding the issue.

“There is no report here at Kasungu Police Station and I have also checked with Mthuntama Police Unit and they have not received any report of that nature,” he said.

However, a senior police officer at Kasungu told PIJ that they had noticed a lot of high-profile visitors at the institution over the past two weeks.

“When we inquired, we heard that there was an emergency board meeting as there was an issue involving the deputy headteacher. If the issue was not reported to the Police, I am sure they are trying to keep it under wraps and they are trying to avoid the authorities on this one.”

Kamuzu Academy was founded in 1981 by Malawi’s first President, Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda and his principles of integrity, responsibility and hard work still underpin all aspects of learning at Kamuzu Academy today.

According to information on the institution’s website, the founder’s vision was to build a school which would educate the whole child. “He emphasised the importance of sport, drama, music and technical subjects, as well as the more traditional academic subjects. We continue to live out his vision for the academy, as we strive to develop each student’s individual character.

“We aim to create an environment in which each student can find the courage to achieve their best and take their place as a future leader of Malawi.”

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